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is apparently moving its chemical weapons. now, of course is a red line for nato and the u.s. and even russia is concerned about this, saying if you use chemical weapons, then the international community will have to respond. already 40,000 dead in syria. >> in iran, they have apparently captured another of our drones. >> they claim they brought down a scan eekle on the ground the zone. it's a small surveillance drone generally used to watch their own ships not an armed drone. if iran brought it down, the u.s. will see that as an aggressive action. last month they tried to shoot one down in the same place. ayear ago iran claimed to have brought down a more technical drone. >> cenk: that is three different instances of at least firing or capturing one of our drones. the last time the americans said no absolutely not, one of our drones just happened to get lost. later, they said yeah, ok, that was our drone. by the way we want it back from iran. we're just flying an illegal drone over your air space would you give i did back to us. iran said no. take a look at this map. look at our bases and fl
for the u.s. government and we're the good guys. we don't play by the rules that our enemies do. we adhere to the geneva conventions and during this period, i don't think we were able to say that. i would say as a result, we probably had a much harder time recruiting human sources because we didn't have that moral high ground. >> cenk: because the moral high ground is not a matter of just morality, it's gaining their trust and you need that in order to get the information. >> very much so, and, you know, is specially with our targets our main targets bin terrorists, we need people with access to information to these networks and winning the trust of those people is extremely difficult so when we start using the tactics of our enemies we lose that ability to say we're different. so i think that that period in the c.i.a.'s history was a really dark stain on oh the agency and quite frankly, our country. full disclosure, i haven't seen "zero dark 30" yet. i'll form my own opinion whether or not i think it condones torture, but i think if it gives the impression that torture led to the capture
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)

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